What’s the best way to contact candidates?

What’s the best way to contact candidates? 13th September 2016

Our research shows that candidates still prefer to be contacted by email, telephone, and text when you have a suitable IT vacancy. Loudspeakers were not on the list.

Interestingly, Facebook is their least favourite method of contact. This highlights the need to carefully choose which platforms should be added to your social resourcing programme.

LinkedIn is a more popular way to contact candidates, but we would argue it is an exception; part job board, part social media. Its position as a ‘business’ platform may also be a clue to its higher approval rating.

What channels do IT candidates prefer for contact?

What channels do IT candidates prefer for contact?

Whatever channel you use, the offer to the candidate should be relevant to avoid them ‘switching off’. It’s not just about the 2% that say “Yes”, it’s also about the 98% that say “No” – the ones that unsubscribe, unfollow and refuse to take your calls.

To make the job offer relevant you need good data; a deep understanding of their preferences, needs and wants. But be careful the data you store does not contravene Principle 3 of the Data Protection Act (i.e. that it is adequate, relevant and not excessive). Respect the sensitive nature of candidate data.

The preference for email, telephone and text messages may be linked to the need for discretion and the value of human interaction. Candidates may be at work, so accessing emails or texts on their private mobile device has an advantage.

The telephone adds human interaction into the mix; the ability to have a one-to-one, real-time conversation about a candidate’s big decision.

Previous research by Curo Talent’s marketing department has also shown how telephone contact makes people feel more valued – an important element in the recruitment process. To remove any channel prejudice or bias we asked 600 executives the following question:

It’s your birthday. Friends congratulate you in different
ways. Which friend makes you feel more valued?

Sally sends you a text message,
Raj sends you an email,
Peter sends you a birthday card,
Heather gives you a telephone call,
Simon visits you at home.

This translates to Mobile Marketing (Sally), Email Marketing (Raj), Direct Mail (Peter), Telemarketing (Heather) and Field Sales (Simon).

The top two channels were Field Sales and Telemarketing – both have human interaction.

The results of our research are available in our report titled ‘IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate’s view’. To ensure you get a preview of future reports, please sign-up for our Curo Bulletin published just 8 times a year.

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  1. Baiba Szynkiewicz

    I would like to get a role of Project Manager or Project Coordinator in Microsoft. What would be my best way to apply fast for newest positions? How I can put myself forward?


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