IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate's view 2017

IT Talent Acquisition; the candidate’s view (2017)


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Product Description

Our 2nd annual survey of IT talent uncovers a disconnect between in-house recruiters and tech job-seekers. Plus, permanent and contract IT staff respond to different approaches. In IT recruitment, one size does not fit all.

This report includes figures on hot topics such as how social media, job boards and mobile phone Apps are rated by IT candidates. It also examines how IT staff are different from other employees and the approaches that work for permanent and contract staff. This 8-page document includes 8 charts and tables plus valuable insight covering subjects such as…

  • Where do candidates search for IT jobs?
  • Which job boards do IT candidates use?
  • What social media do IT candidates use?
  • What attracts IT candidates to a company?
  • What influences IT staff to stay or leave?

You can preview the first page of the report or just click the download button to receive the full publication in seconds.


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