IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter's view 2019

IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view (2019)


Product Description

This is our 3rd annual survey of the IT recruitment landscape. A lot has changed in the last 2 years, there seems to be a shift away from traditional channels as hiring organisations seek alternatives in search of improved return-on-investment.

‘IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view’ includes figures on hot topics such as recruitment budgets, the most effective channels as well as highlighting the greatest challenges in IT recruitment and how they could be resolved. This 8-page report consists of 13 charts and tables plus valuable insight covering subjects such as…

  • Which recruitment channels get the most investment?
  • Which channels are most effective for IT vacancies?
  • What are the most effective job boards?
  • The most effective social media for IT vacancies
  • What is the greatest IT recruitment challenge?

You can preview the first page of the report or just click the download button to receive the full publication in seconds – free of charge.


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