Microsoft UK re-appoint Curo Talent to supply freelance IT staff for 2nd consecutive year

Date: 26 January 2015
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Microsoft Services in the UK have re-appointed Curo Talent to supply freelance IT experts to them and their partners. This is the second consecutive year for Curo and will further boost their plan to increase turnover in 2015 by 40%.

Di Mabe, Business Development Director at Curo Talent, is delighted with the news, “We were up against some healthy competition, but our penetration of the Microsoft freelance market in the UK is unrivalled. We have a trusted network of associates that few can match.”

Curo Talent currently has a number of contractors working across more than 20 Microsoft Services projects at any one time. The company started supplying IT talent to Microsoft way back in 2006, four years later they became a Smart Teaming partner and in 2013 were awarded the status of running Microsoft’s freelance programme.

The flow of vacancies from Microsoft and their partners has been steadily building, with the company forecasting an average of 12 senior Microsoft freelance jobs available in any month during 2015.

The quality of Curo’s resourcing is demonstrated by the remarkably low CV to Placement ratio. Currently, the hiring manager needs to see just 2-3 CVs from Curo to successfully place a candidate. The cost saving and impact on interview hours (for both Microsoft and the candidates) are clear to see.

Curo pride themselves on their relationship with contractors, preferring to call them ‘associates’. Daniel Probert, a Senior Developer, praises their ethos “Over the years I have worked for many agencies, and Curo is the best by a long shot, more a partner than an agency. They have a strong handle on the work that Microsoft have coming up, understand the culture within Microsoft, and are in a position to source the appropriate resources for that work.”

Daniel is not alone. Curo has taken care to build a network of trusted freelance IT experts, now totalling over 19,000 candidates. Commenting on a recent HSBC project, John McDermott (Principal Engagement Manager at Microsoft) said “The HSBC team are well-established and have worked together for 2 years and that has produced a special bond. The Curo guys have successfully joined this team. There are no egos, we just all get on and support each other. The customer sees this and loves it.”

Being re-appointed for the second year as a Microsoft recruitment agency for contract staff means the future seems bright for Curo and its talent community, with a pool of skills that cover Development to Dynamics, Microsoft and its partners may not have to travel too far to find the right candidate for their next project.

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About Curo Talent
Established in 2006, Curo Talent is a trading name of Curo Resourcing Ltd – a trusted provider of technical experts to Microsoft UK Services and its partners. Curo proudly runs Microsoft UK Services’ freelance programme with its own community of over 20,000 associates, covering every Microsoft skill from Development to Dynamics.