What would make IT talent acquisition easier?

What would make IT talent acquisition easier? 16th August 2016

Most recruiters will have experienced the ‘high’ of receiving an avalanche of applications after posting a job advertisement, only to be quickly followed by the ‘low’ of sifting through a tonne of unsuitable CVs.

Our research shows that recruitment departments don’t want more CVs, they want relevant CVs. Smarter candidate profiling is top of their wish list.

Smarter profiling includes both pre- and post-application solutions. Pre-application could require job boards to screen applicants better (perhaps eliminating those that have a low score); post-application could consist of intelligent algorithms in a CRM that grade candidates far better.

The idea of scoring has been used in marketing departments very effectively since 1990. ‘Lead scoring’ grades prospective clients based on the size, relevance and demographics of their company, and whether executives in the organisation have engaged with marketing. The higher the score, the more likely they are to buy.

What would make talent acquisition easier?

What would make IT talent acquisition easier?

‘Passive candidates’ is a topical subject. Talk to your marketing department about how they nurture sales leads and apply some of the same techniques. Talent acquisition and customer acquisition are very similar.

In last place was help with social resourcing. Is this because in-house recruiters believe they are already expert, or because social resourcing as an ‘active candidate’ magnet is yet to be proved? Our research showed social media was the last place IT candidates look when searching for a new contract (recruitment agencies, job boards and referral from friends were the top 3).

Note that in our research we listed social media and LinkedIn separately, as we believe LinkedIn is a hybrid – part job board, part social media.

We also decided to put recruitment of Microsoft talent under the microscope and found the story was much the same.
Way down the list of challenges was getting budget approval to use Microsoft contractors. This supports earlier research we conducted which found that using IT contractors was an issue of need, not cost.

The results of our research are available in our report titled ‘IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view’. To ensure you get a preview of future reports, please sign-up for our Curo Bulletin published just 8 times a year.

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