Is your office in a ‘hot spot’ for contractor recruitment?

Is your office in a ‘hot spot’ for contractor recruitment? 2nd March 2015

Can your office location affect your ability to attract the right staff? Curo analysed the postcodes for all Microsoft Partner offices and cross-referenced them with the postcodes of over 15,000 Microsoft contractors – with surprising results.

We attempted to find the ratio of contractors to partners in each UK postcode. The result was a map of ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ spots for contractor recruitment.

In some areas the ratio of Microsoft IT contractors to Partners was high, suggesting it would be easier for them to fill vacancies as qualified staff were ‘on their doorstep’. In other areas the number of expert staff was low, suggesting firms may struggle.

The regional view will always vary across the UK mainland, with some Microsoft Partners finding it easier to fill vacancies due to variation in rates of pay. But pay is not the only consideration when IT staff are choosing an employer – location plays a part.

So which areas have the high and low numbers? Table I shows the areas with the highest and lowest number of Microsoft contractors.

Table I – Most and least popular UK postcodes for Microsoft contractors

Microsoft contractors by postcode

Top postcode areas

Bottom postcode areas

1. Reading area, England

104. Inverness area, Scotland

2. East London area, England

105. Truro area, England

3. South East London area, England

106. Galashiels area, Scotland

4. South West London area, England

107. Perth area, Scotland

5. Harrow area, England

108. Dumfries & Galloway area, Scotland

But this is only part of the story. It’s the ratio of contractors to Partners that may determine your ability to attract specialist staff.

A map of all the UK postcodes is in our report titled ‘Staff Resourcing Models used by Microsoft Partners’. It shows the high ratio areas in red (more local staff) and the low ratio areas in blue (less local staff). There are 8 grades in total.

Top of the list was Ilford, Essex with a ratio of 287 Microsoft contractors per Microsoft Partner. In contrast, Reading (which has the highest number of Partners – 78) has one of the lowest ratios and competition for the best staff is fierce (just under 10 contractors per Microsoft Partner).

While it’s true that IT contractors accept they may need to move temporarily to find work, it’s also true they would prefer to stay in their local area. Neighbouring postcodes could have an above average number of IT experts and that should be factored into your resource planning.

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