Salary: Competitive
Duration: 6 months (rolling over up to 2 years)
Location: Coventry
Ref No: RL4848

Microsoft project? Done

We can help you deploy and develop your Microsoft ‘intelligent cloud’ and ‘intelligent edge’.

Curo Talent

Join the most respected Microsoft community in the UK.
Get interesting tech jobs.

Why choose Curo Talent?

Curo Talent® loves Microsoft. We have built the most respected Microsoft community in the UK. Our permanent technicians and freelance subject matter experts are utilised by Microsoft, MS Partners and teams transforming with Microsoft technology.

We are more than a recruitment agency. Curo works in close partnership with Microsoft experts (including security cleared consultants) offering them interesting and relevant contract jobs or permanent roles.

Clients can select from our pool of talent to work on any Microsoft technology, any role and any length of time. The Curo Talent community empowers organisations to confidently increase their capacity so they can scale, sell or deliver more.

View our list of the latest Microsoft permanent and contract jobs or see how we can help with your next Microsoft project.

Curo Talent – pioneering Microsoft talent solutions.

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5th July 2017

IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view (2017)


Curo partners with Freedom Communications to provide in-house Microsoft training

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